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Working Papers

19-01Nonparametric Estimation of the Marginal Effect in Fixed-Effect Panel Data Models; Aman Ullah, Yoonseok Lee, Debasri Mukherjee. January 2019.
19-02A Combined Estimator of Regression Models with Measurement Errors; Tae-Hwy Lee, Bai Huang, Aman Ullah. January 2019.
19-03Using the Entire Yield Curve in Forecasting Output and Inflation; Tae-Hwy Lee, Eric Hillebrand, Huiyu Huang, Canlin Li. January 2019.
19-04Evaluation of the Survey of Professional Forecasters in the Greenbook's Loss Function; Tae-Hwy Lee, Yiyao Wang. January 2019.
19-05Stein-like Shrinkage Estimation of Panel Data Models with Common Correlated Effects; Tae-Hwy Lee, Bai Huang, Aman Ullah. January 2019.
19-06A Combined Random Effect and Fixed Effect Forecast for Panel Data Models; Tae-Hwy Lee, Bai Huang, Aman Ullah. January 2019.
19-07Component-wise AdaBoost Algorithms for High-dimensional Binary Classi fication and Class Probability Prediction; Tae-Hwy Lee, Jianghao Chu, Aman Ullah. January 2019.
19-08Variable Selection in Sparse Semiparametric Single Index Models; Tae-Hwy Lee, Jianghao Chu, Aman Ullah. January 2019.
19-09Forecasting Using Supervised Factor Models; Tae-Hwy Lee, Yundong Tu. January 2019.
19-10The Second-order Asymptotic Properties of Asymmetric Least Squares Estimation; Tae-Hwy Lee, Aman Ullah, He Wang. January 2019.
19-11The Cyclical Behavior of the Beveridge Curve in the Housing Market; Victor Ortego-Marti, Miroslav Gabrovski. January 2019.
19-12What Time Use Surveys Can (And Cannot) Tell Us about Labor Supply; Ruoyao Shi, Cheng Chou. February 2019.
19-13Progressive Taxation, Nominal Wage Rigidity, and Business Cycle Destabilization; Jang-Ting Guo, Miroslav Gabrovski. February 2019.
19-14Identification and Estimation of Nonparametric Hedonic Equilibrium Model with Unobserved Quality; Ruoyao Shi. February 2019.
19-15Combined Estimation of Semiparametric Panel Data Models; Tae-Hwy Lee, Bai Huang, Aman Ullah. May 2019.
19-16Indeterminacy with Increasing Returns to Variety and Sector-Specific Externalities; Jang-Ting Guo, Juin-Jen Chang, Wei-Neng Wang. May 2019.
19-17Boosting; Tae-Hwy Lee, Jianghao Chu, Aman Ullah, Ran Wang. May 2019.
19-18Bootstrap Aggregating and Random Forest; Tae-Hwy Lee, Aman Ullah, Ran Wang. July 2019.
19-19Testing for Attrition Bias in Field Experiments; Sarojini Hirshleifer, Dalia Ghanem, Karen Ortiz-Becerra. August 2019.

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