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Working Papers

16-01The Accumulation, Inheritance, and Concentration of Wealth during the Gilded Age: An Exception to Thomas Piketty’s Analysis; Richard C. Sutch. January 2016.
16-02The One-Percent across Two Centuries: A Replication of Thomas Piketty’s Data on the Distribution of Wealth for the United States; Richard C. Sutch. January 2016.
16-03Confidence, Fear and a Propensity to Gamble: The Puzzle of War and Economics in an Age of Catastrophe 1914-45; Roger L. Ransom. February 2016.
16-04On Indeterminacy and Growth under Progressive Taxation and Utility-Generating Government Spending; Jang-Ting Guo, Shu-Hua Chen. March 2016.
16-05Global Risk and International Equity Portfolio Rebalancing; Dongwon Lee, Kyungkeun Kim. March 2016.
16-06Density Forecast Evaluation in Unstable Environments; Gloria Gonzalez-Rivera, Yingying Sun. April 2016.
16-07Extreme Returns and Intensity of Trading; Gloria Gonzalez-Rivera, Wei Lin. April 2016.
16-08Planning for the Long Run: Programming with Patient, Pareto Responsive Preferences; Urmee Khan, Maxwell B Stinchcombe. May 2016.
16-09State-dependent Preferences in Prediction Markets and Prices as Aggregate Statistic; Urmee Khan. May 2016.
16-10Information Flow Between Prediction Markets, Polls and Media: Evidence from the 2008 Presidential Primaries; Urmee Khan, Robert Lieli. May 2016.
16-11Cruising for Parking around a Circle; Richard Arnott, Parker Williams. July 2016.
16-12A Model of Rush-Hour Traffic Dynamics in an Isotropic Downtown Area; Richard Arnott, Anatolii Kokoza, Mehdi Naji. August 2016.
16-13Dynamic Model of the Individual Consumer; Craig McLaren. September 2016.
16-14A Comprehensive Approach to Revealed Preference Theory; Hiroki Nishimura, Efe A. Ok, John K.-H. Quah. October 2016.
16-15Heterogeneous Treatment Effects in the Low Track: Revisiting the Kenyan Primary School Experiment; Joseph Cummins. November 2016.
16-16Public and Private Learning in the Market for Teachers: Evidence from the Adoption of Value-Added Measures; Michael Bates. December 2016.

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