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Undergraduate FAQ's

Q. I was dropped from a class. What do I do now to replace it? Will it be offered again? How will this affect my completion of other classes and requirements to graduate on time?

A. Look for another class to add as soon as you know you are dropped from a class. Check the website to see if the class will be offered in a coming quarter. Check the Degree Check in Growl to see how many requirements and courses are still needed to graduate.


Q. How many classes do I need to graduate? What quarter do I graduate? Do I have to apply to graduate?

A. Go to the Degree Check in Growl to see how many requirements and courses are still needed to graduate. There should be a “registration hold” the last quarter of enrollment at UCR. The purpose of this hold is to visit with the Student Affairs Officer in Economics to review all final requirements and classes that must be met in order to graduate. An application to Graduate must be submitted on the college website during a specific block of time for that graduation quarter. This information will also be reviewed during the appointment.


Q. Does an internship count? How do I get one? How many units is it?

A. An academic internship is a work opportunity for students to earn unit credit. Internships must include the working application of concepts learned in Economics courses. To enroll in an internship class, a student must pick up an Internship packet from Career Services and find a suitable internship experience. The student will interview for a position and obtain the signature of the supervisor. The student then returns to Career Services for a signature. The student then takes the Internship form to the Economics Department where the academic component will be discussed. Signatures from the instructor, Department chair, and Advisor will be affixed to the form. The student will take the form to the Dean’s Office and then to the Registrar’s Office. The Registrar will add the student to the Internship class at the end of the third week of the quarter.

Note that the number of units are variable from 1 to 12. No more than 5 units can be earned in one quarter. To repeat the class in another quarter for additional unit credit, the student must have a different work experience. Ten to fifteen hours of work per week are required depending on the number of internship units the student is taking.

Students can receive credit for only one Economics Internship as a major elective. This requires the completion of four units of internship.


Q . How do I take a placement test for foreign language?

A. To take the placement test, log on to the following website and sign up for it.

Ask when results will be posted. See the Economics Dept. Student Affairs Officer to learn the results.

If a student has taken a college level foreign language class, then s/he would not be allowed to take a placement test.


Q. How can I tell what courses have satisfied or will satisfy my breadth requirements?

A. The middle part of the Degree Check in Growl will list requirements and indicate what courses have satisfied those requirements.

The college office provides a list of courses that will satisfy breadth requirements. Log onto and click on Quarterly Breadth Requirements. Select the current quarter and click on it. The next screen lists all courses offered in that quarter by breadth requirement.


Q. Can I take an upper division Economics course and its prerequisite in the same quarter?

A. No. Prerequisites must be satisfied before taking the next level course.


Q. Why can’t I enroll in an ECON 200 level course? It doesn’t say in the description that it is for graduate students.

A. ECON 200 level courses are for graduate students in the Economics Ph.D. program. Undergraduate students do not receive unit credit or grade credit for graduate courses unless they receive permission from the instructor and their academic advisor.


Q. Can I declare a minor in Economics? Where do I go to do this?

A. A minor in Economics generally consists of ECON 002, 003, 104A(was 102A), 105A(was 103A), and four upper division Economics electives. Students can declare a minor by going to the Economics Department and reviewing their course work with the Student Affairs Officer.


Q. Will the Economics Department add me to a full Econ class?

A. The Economics Department holds a waiting list on the first day of every quarter for students wanting to add a full Economics class. Students can come to the Department on that day and leave an add form for the full Economics course. They are added to the class as seats become available.


Q. How can Extension students add into Economics classes?

Extension students can come to the Student Affairs Office in the Economics Department at the end of the first week of classes to see if they can be added to class. There is no guarantee that they will be able to get into Economics courses.


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