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Time Activity Location
8-9 Registration and Breakfast Alumni Center
9-10:20 Parallel Sessions I Interdisciplinary Studies North & South
10:20-10:30 Break INTS 1111
10:30-11:50 Parallel Sessions II Interdisciplinary Studies North & South
12-1:00 Lunch Alumni Center
1:00-2:00 Plenary Session INTN 1020
2:10-3:30 Parallel Sessions III Interdisciplinary Studies North & South
3:30-4:00 Break INTS 1111
4:00-5:20 Parallel Sessions IV Interdisciplinary Studies North & South
5:20-7:00 Reception Alumni Center

Schedule of Sessions

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Parallel Sessions I

Demography and Migration
Room: INTS 1128 
Moderator: Joseph Cummins, University of California, Riverside

Why Are Older Women Missing in India? The Age Profile of Bargaining Power and Poverty
Rosella Calvi, Rice University

Migration Decisions and Persistent Earnings Differentials: Evidence from Thailand
Ashish Shenoy, University of California, Davis

Displacement and Development: Long Term Impacts of the Partition of India
Prashant Bharadwaj, University of California, San Diego
Rinchan Ali Mirza, University of Oxford

Social Networks and Migration: Theory and Evidence from Rwanda
Xu Tan, University of Washington
Joshua Blumenstock, University of California, Berkeley

Risk Perceptions, Risk Aversion, and Insurance
Room: INTS 1113 
Moderator: Travis Lybbert, University of California, Davis

Natural Disasters, Social Protection, and Risk Perceptions
Emilia Tjernstrom, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Philip Brown, Landcare Research New Zealand
Adam Daigneault, Landcare Research New Zealand
Wenbo Zou, University of California, Davis

The Impact of Commercial Index Insurance: Experimental Evidence from Amhara, Ethiopa
Craig McIntosh, University of California, San Diego
Shukri Ahmed, Food and Agriculture Organization
Alexander Sarris, University of Athens

Insurance Contracts when Farmers "Greatly Value" Certainty
Michael Carter, University of California, Davis
Elena Serfilippi, University of Namur (CRED)
Catherine Guirkinger, University of Namur (CRED)

Impact of Violent Crime on Risk Aversion: Evidence from the Mexican Drug War
Andrea Velasquez, University of Colorado, Denver
Ryan Brown, University of Colorado, Denver
Verónica Montalva, Duke University
Duncan Thomas, Duke University 

Natural Resources, Politics and Conflict
Room: INTN 1002
Moderator: Laura Zimmermann, University of Georgia

Extractive Industries, Production Shocks and Criminality: Evidence from a Middle-Income Country
Anja Tolonen, Columbia University
Sebastian Axbard, University of London
Jonas Poulsen, Harvard University

Dirty Politics: Mining Booms and Politician Behavior in India
Sam Asher, World Bank
Paul Novosad, Dartmouth College

Local Incentives and National Tax Evasion: The Response of Illegal Mining to a Tax Reform in Colombia
Santiago Saavedra, Stanford University
Mauricio Romero, University of California, San Diego

Legislating During War: Conflict and Politics in Colombia
Juan Morales, University of Toronto

Lifecycle Decisions
Room: INTS 1121
Moderator: Alex Eble, Columbia University

Access to Elite Education, Wage Premium and Social Mobility: The Truth and Illusion of China's College Entrance Exam
Ruixue Jia, University of California, San Diego
Hongbin Li, Tsinghua University

Personalized Information as a Tool to Improve Pension Savings: Results from a Randomized Control Trial in Chile
Jeanne Lafortune, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Olga Fuentes, Superintendencia de Pensiones
Julio Riutort, Universidad Adolfo Ibañez
Jose Tessada, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Felix Villatoro, Universidad Adolfo Ibañez

Pollution, Ability, and Gender-Specific Investment Responses to Shocks
Teresa Molina, University of Southern California

Health and Human Capital
Room: INTN 1006 
Moderator: Neha Agarwal, University of California, Riverside

Epidemics and Conflict: Evidence from the Ebola outbreak in Western Africa
Ada Gonzalez-Torres, University of California, Berkeley

Cross-Age Tutoring: Experimental Evidence from Kenya
Mauricio Romero, University of California, San Diego
Lisa Chen, Bridge International Academies
Noriko Magari, Bridge International Academies

Child Fostering and Intrahousehold Inequality
Jacob Penglase, Boston College

Cast into Castes: Can Affirmative Action Dismantle the Caste Hierarchy in India
Arpita Bhattacharjee, University of California, Riverside




Location: INTS 1111 



Parallel Sessions II

Political Economy of the Public Sector
Room: INTS 1128 
Moderator: Sam Asher, World Bank

May There be Victory: Government Election Performance and the World's Largest Public-Works Program
Laura Zimmermann, University of Georgia

The Cost of Distance: Geography and Governance in Rural India
Karan Nagpal, University of Oxford
Sam Asher, World Bank
Paul Novosad, Dartmouth College

Fiscal Competition and Coordination: Evidence from China
Shaoda Wang, University of California, Berkeley

Patronage in the Allocation of Public Sector Jobs
Edoardo Teso, Harvard University
Emanuelle Colonnelli, Stanford University
Mounu Prem

Micro-Demography of Child Development
Room: INTS 1113 
Moderator: Prashant Bharadwaj, University of California, San Diego

The Effect of Maternal Migration on Early Childhood Development in Rural China
Yu Bai, Shaanxi Normal University
Ai Yue, Shaanxi Normal University
Sean Sylvia, Renmin University of China
Yaojiang Shi, Shaanxi Normal University
Renfu Luo, Peking University
Scott Rozelle, Stanford University

Growing and Learning when Consumption is Seasonal: Long-Term Evidence from Tanzania
Brian Dillon, University of Washington
Paul Christian, World Bank

Age-Profile Estimates of the Association between Economic Growth and Child Height
Joseph Cummins, University of California, Riverside
Anaka Aiyar, Cornell University

Can Food Safety Shortfalls Disrupt `Ag For Nutrition' Gains? Evidence from Eid-al-Adha
Benjamin Schwab, Kansas State University
Ralph Armah, Kansas State University

Behavioral Economics and Gambling
Room: INTN 1002
Moderator: Ketki Sheth, University of California, Merced

Incentives for Effort or Outputs? A Field Experiment to Improve Student Performance
Sarojini Hirschleifer, University of California, Riverside

Are the Poor Really So Present-Biased? Evidence From a Field Experiment in Pakistan
Rachel Cassidy, University of Oxford

Gambling, Saving, and Lumpy Expenditures: Sports Betting in Uganda
Sylvan Herskowitz, University of California, Berkeley

Leveraging the Lottery for Financial Inclusion: Lotto-Linked Savings Accounts in Haiti
Travis Lybbert, University of California, Davis
Felipe Dizon, World Bank

Agricultural Productivity and the Inverse Relationship
Room: INTS 1121
Moderator: Michael R Carter, University of California, Davis

Reevaluating Agricultural Productivity Gaps with Longitudinal Microdata
Nicholas Li, University of California, Berkeley
Marieke Kleemans, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Joan Hamory Hicks, University of California, Berkeley
Edward Miguel, University of California, Berkeley 

Close to the Edge: Do Behavioral Explanations Account for the Inverse Productivity
Leah E.M. Bevis, Ohio State University
Christopher B. Barrett, Cornell University

The Inverse Relationship Between Farm Size and Productivity: Refocusing the Debate
Matthew P.H. Taylor, University of California, Riverside
Steven M. Helfand, University of California, Riverside 

Agricultural Productivity and Deforestation: Evidence from Input Subsidies and Ethnic Favoritism in Malawi
Ryan Abman, San Diego State University
Conor Carney, University of California, Santa Barbara

Room: INTN 1006
Moderator: Prodyumna Goutam, RAND

The IT Boom and Other Unintended Consequences of Chasing the American Dream
Gaurav Khanna, University of Michigan
Nicolas Morales, University of Michigan

Strategic Interactions and Dynamic Behavior in Migration in Rural Mexico
Ruben Rojas Valdes, University of California, Davis
C.-Y. Cynthia Lin Lawell, University of California, Davis
J. Edward Taylor, University of California, Davis

Relief from Usury: Impact of a Community-Based Microcredit Program in Rural India
Vaishnavi Surendra, University of California, Berkeley
Vivian Hoffmann, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
Upamanyu Datta, World Bank
Vijayendra Rao, World Bank

Goalpost Effects: Understanding Impact Heterogeneity in Nicaragua's Rural Business Development Program
Jonathan Malacarne, University of California, Davis
Stephen Boucher, University of California, Davis
Michael R Carter, University of California, Davis




Location: Alumni Center 



Plenary Session

Location: INTN 1020
Interventions Against Poverty in Poor Places
Keynote Speaker: Martin Ravallion, Edmond D. Villani Professor of Economics, Georgetown University
Moderator: Steven Helfand, University of California, Riverside



Parallel Sessions III

Health Inputs and Information
Room: INTS 1113 
Moderator: Anil Deolalikar, University of California, Riverside

Contract Physicians, Hospital Autonomy and Quality of Health Care in Rural China: Evidence from Mystery Patients
Hao Xue, Northwest University
Anlu Xing, Stanford University

Cost-effectiveness of Alternative Strategies for Meeting Children's Vitamin A Needs in Cameroon
Stephen Vosti, University of California, Davis
Justin Kagin, Kagin’s Consulting
Reina Engle-Stone, University of California, Davis
Martin Nankap, Unicef-Cameroon
Hanqi Luo, University of California, Davis
Kenneth H. Brown, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The International Migration of Healthcare Professionals and the Supply of Educated Individuals Left Behind
Paolo Abarcar, Mathematica Policy Research
Caroline Theoharides, Amherst College

The Green Revolution and Infant Mortality: Evidence from 600,000 Births
Gordon McCord, University of California, San Diego
Prabhat Barnwal, Michigan State University
Aaditya Dar, George Washington University
Jan von der Goltz, World Bank
Ram Fishman, Tel Aviv University
Nathan Mueller, Harvard University

Money and Microfinance
Room: INTS 1128 
Moderator: Ruixue Jia, University of California, San Diego

Banking on Trust: How Debit Cards Enable the Poor to Save More
Sean Higgins, University of California, Berkeley
Pierre Bachas, Princeton University
Paul Gertler, University of California Berkeley
Enrique Seira, ITAM

Optimal ROSCAs
Ethan Ligon, University of California, Berkeley
Timothy S. Worrall 

Repayment Flexibility in Microfinance Contracts: Theory and Experimental Evidence on Take-Up and Selection
Giorgia Barboni, Princeton University

Does Credit Access Improve Firm Output and Technical Efficiency? Evidence from a Field Experiment in Bangladesh
Nusrat Abedin Jimi, SUNY Binghamton
Plamen Nikolov, SUNY Binghamton
Subal Kumbakar, SUNY Binghamton
Mohammad Abdul Malek, BRAC

Policy Evaluation and Poverty Measurement
Room: INTN 1002
Moderator: Emilia Tjernstrom, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Regional Development Through Place-Based Policies: Evidence from a Spatial Discontinuity
Ajay Shenoy, University of California, Santa Cruz

Pensions, Retirement, and the Disutility of Labor: Bunching in Brazil
Benjamin Thompson, University of Michigan

Measuring Poverty and Vulnerability in Real-Time
Joshua Blumenstock, University of California, Berkeley
Michael Callen, University of California, San Diego
Tarek Ghani, Washington University
Niall Keleher, University of California, Berkeley
Jacob Shapiro, Princeton University

The Intended and Unintended Consequences of a Merit-Based Financial Aid Program for the Poor
Juliana Londono-Velez, University of California, Berkeley
Catherine Rodriguez, University of Los Andes
Fabio Sanchez, University of Los Andes 

New Technologies, Property Rights and Their Impacts
Room: INTS 1121
Moderator: Craig McIntosh, University of California, San Diego

Who's the Boss? Intrahousehold Valuation, Preference Heterogeneity, and Demand for an Agricultural Technology in India
Kajal Gulati, University of California, Davis 

Why Did Sugarcane Growers Suddenly Adopt Existing Technology?
Austin Davis, University of Michigan

Agricultural Commodity Prices and the Demand for Land Titles: Evidence from Uganda
Viviana Perego, University of Oxford

Property Rights Reform, Migration, and Structural Transformation in Mexico
Elisabeth Sadoulet, University of California, Berkeley
Alain de Janvry, University of California, Berkeley
Eduardo Montoya, University of California, Berkeley 

Firms, Performance and Experimental Evidence
Room: INTN 1006 
Moderator: Arman Rezaee, University of California, Davis

Monitoring A, While Hoping for A & B: Experimental Evidence from a Multidimensional Task
Elizabeth Lyons, University of California, San Diego
Nathan Jensen, Cornell University
Eddy Chebelyon, University of California, San Diego
Ronan Le Bras, Cornell University
Carla Gomes, Cornell University

Does Time and Distance Really Matter in Banking? Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial Introducing Mobile Phone Saving Deposits
Ketki Sheth, University of California, Merced
Suresh de Mel, University of Peradeniya
Dammika Herath, Kandy Consulting Group
Craig McIntosh, University of California, San Diego
Christopher Woodruff, University of Warwick

Training or Mentorship? Experimental Evidence from a Two-Stage Training/Mentorship Program for Female Owned Microenterprises in Ethiopia
M. Mehrab Bin Bakhtiar, University of Maryland
Gautam Bastian, World Bank
Eliana Carranza, World Bank
Markus Goldstein, World Bank

All in the family? CEO choice and firm organization
Daniela Scur, University of Oxford
Renata Lemos, World Bank




Location: INTS 1111



Parallel Sessions IV

Human Capital Production: Environment and Infrastructure
Room: INTS 1128 
Moderator: Sarojini Hirschleifer, University of California, Riverside

Commuting to Educational Opportunity?  School Choice Effects of Mass Transit Expansion in Mexico City
Diana Ngo, Occidental College
Andrew Dustan, Vanderbilt University

Educational Investment Responses to Economic Opportunity: Evidence from Indian Road Construction
Anjali Adukia, University of Chicago
Sam Asher, World Bank
Paul Novosad, Dartmouth College

Role Models, the Formation of Beliefs, and Girls' Math Ability: Evidence from Random and Non-random Assignment of Students in Chinese Middle Schools
Alex Eble, Columbia University
Feng Hu, University of Science and Technology Beijing

Human Capital Costs of Climate Change: Evidence from Test Scores in India
Teevrat Garg, University of California, San Diego
Maulik Jagnani, Cornell University
Vis Taraz, Smith College 

Government Corruption and Civil Conflict
Room: INTS 1113 
Moderator: Anja Tolonen, Columbia University

The Impact of Election Fraud on Government Performance
Abigail Allison Peralta, Texas A&M University

Corruption and Legislature Size: Evidence from Brazil
Stefano Fiorin, University of California, Los Angeles
Diogo G. C. Britto, Catholic University of Milan

Chasing the Key Player: A Network Approach to the Myanmar Civil War
Andrea Di Miceli, University of California, Los Angeles

Nation-Building in Sub-Saharan Africa and Civil Conflict: Theory and Evidence from Boko Haram and Tuareg Insurgencies
Michael  Poyker, University of California, Los Angeles
Maxim Ananyev, University of California, Los Angeles

Evaluation of Cash and Asset Transfer Programs
Room: INTS 1121
Moderator: Andrea Velasquez, University of Colorado, Denver

Cash Transfers and Crop Production in Senegal
Kate Ambler, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
Alan de Brauw, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
Susan Godlonton, Williams College and IFPRI

One Plus One Can Be Greater Than Two: Evaluating Synergies of Development Programs in Malawi
S. Daidone, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Noemi Pace, Benjamin Davis, Sudhanshu Handa, Marco Knowles, Robert Pickmans

Valuing Assets Provided to Low-Income Households in South Sudan
Elliott Collins, University of California, Berkeley
Reajul Chowdhury, Ethan Ligon, Kaivan Munshi

Integrating Simulation and Experimental Approaches to Evaluate Impacts of SCTs: Evidence from Lesotho
Anubhab Gupta, University of California, Davis
J. Edward Taylor, University of California, Davis
Mateusz Filipski, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
Karen Thome, USDA Economic Research Service
Benjamin Davis, United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO)
Luca Pellerano, International Labour Organization (ILO)
Ousmane Niang, United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

Gender and Development
Room: INTN 1002
Moderator: Teresa Molina, University of Southern California

An Explanation for the Puzzling Decline of Female Labor Supply in India
Neha Agarwal, University of California, Riverside

Holding up Half of the Sky: The Impact of State-Owned Enterprise Reform on the Gender Inequality in Labor Market Outcomes in Urban China, 1988-2007
Sharon Xuejing Zuo, University of Houston

Reversing the Gender Gap in Happiness: Validating the Use of Life Satisfaction Self-Reports Worldwide
Mallory Montgomery, University of Southern California 

Technical Change and Gender Wage Inequality: Long-Run Effects of India's Green Revolution
Anthony D'Agostino, Columbia University

Labor Economics and Public Policy
Room: INTN 1006 
Moderator: Ajay Shenoy, University of California, Santa Cruz

Growth and Informality: Evidence from Bangladesh
Prodyumna Goutam, RAND
Shanthi Nataraj, RAND
Italo Gutierrez, RAND
Krishna Kumar, RAND

Health Certification in the Market for Sex Work: A Field Experiment in Dakar, Senegal
Shanthi Manian, University of California, San Diego

The Consequences of Legal Minimum Wages in Honduras
Andres Ham, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Universal Health Coverage for the Poor: A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Mexico's Seguro Popular
Jeremy Barofsky, Brookings Institution




Location: Alumni Center

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